Sunday Photo Fiction : Seasons



© A Mixed Bag, 2015


Autumn came early that year, but Steven didn’t notice.

He didn’t see the leaves change colour, or feel the slight chill as the sun set and evening descended.

He didn’t have time for the seasons, running from one meeting to the next, waking each day in a different city, in hotels that differed only by the colour of their bedspreads or the paintings on the walls.

Winter came and went, but he never felt the cold. The air-conditioned interiors of his hotel room kept winter on the outside, and while the blizzard raged, he drank vintage wine and ate fine seafood at his table for one, before going back to his room to prepare for the next day’s meetings.

Then one evening, as he lay on his bed, he felt his chest tighten, and a searing pain shot through his left arm. He managed to raise the alarm on his gold-plated mobile but had no memories of what happened next.

He woke up in a hospital bed and on his bedside table was a magnificent bouquet of daffodils and a card from the hotel that read, “Get well soon.”

It must be Spring, he thought.

Well, I’m back from my trip to Switzerland and my entry to Sunday Photo Fiction is a day later than usual. It’s nice to settle back into my morning writing routine although while I was away I wrote every day, in hotel rooms, in the car and in crowded theatres. Managing to write just about anywhere is a personal victory.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction : Seasons

  1. I’ve had periods where I was traveling enough that I can relate to that lifestyle – not even knowing what the weather is like outside, because you spend all your time in a hotel or in conference rooms or meeting spaces. Not a lifestyle I’d like to have, not for more than a few days in a row at least! (Like the writers conference I was just at, that was worth it.) I loved the last line, where he only realizes what season it is by what flowers he gets. And it sounds like only the hotel sent him flowers… ouch.

    Great job getting some writing in on your trip — good for you!

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