By clicking below you can hear me read this little story.

Bernhard loved birds. He obtained the finest and most expensive organic birdseed he could find and had his gardeners place it prominently on the lawns of his enormous Tudor mansion.

But although he could see the feeder swinging from its gilded support, there wasn’t a bird to be seen, just his two Ashera cats Anubis and Aten, a bargain at only £100,000 the pair.

Surrounded by gold and Italian marble he admired the gilded framed paintings of his private collection from the depth of his Sloane leather couch while keeping a watchful eye on the reassuring blinking lights of the CCTV.

The butler, escorted by a member of his security staff, brought him the first course of the evening meal  prepared by his Executive Chef. The heavyset bull-necked guard attempted to fade into the shadows but his presence remained indelible.

Bernhard dined alone. Despite his immense wealth and undeniable charm, he seemed unable to bring warmth and romance into his life. Women never felt comfortable or relaxed in his company.

This is my entry to Sunday Photo Fiction a wonderful weekly Flash Fiction challenge.

An Ashera Cat

12 Replies to “Sunday Photo Fiction : Seeds”

  1. It seems he has all this wealth and an buy all he wants but it what he needs — friends and companionship. People who want to be with him and be his friends, animals to. I suppose he jacks a warmth or personability many people with much less wealth possess. You feel bad for the guy.

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