Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge to write between 75 and 175 words prompted by a photo prompt (thanks this week to © Jade M. Wong).

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge.

Code Green

The magnificent crystal pulsed on top of the giant pine towering over the trees in the forest. It caressed the sky as it mingled with the December stars that were twinkling in the clearest and coldest of winter nights.

Rhythmical flowing patterns of soft white light soothed and nourished little sparks that glowed deep within the dense needles of the pine.

The sparks skipped from needle to needle in harmony, slowly at first, but as the rhythm of the crystal  accelerated, they started to dance, changing colours as they frolicked until the tree was ablaze with multicoloured shimmering lights.

The crystal’s light continued to intensify until it became a beacon in the night sky. When it was at it’s brightest, it suddenly turned from bright white to emerald green and an intense beam of green light shot up and pierced the sky.

That signal will take  a considerable time to reach the Canis Major dwarf galaxy about 25,000 light years away but the repercussions will be frightening if anything remains of our endangered planet. 

6 Replies to “FFfAW : Code Green”

  1. Well, that’s the problem with sending messages to possible aliens on other planets, isn’t it? The response will more likely than not be deadly, and it will take too long to boot. Interesting take on the prompt!

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