FFfAW : From out of the shadows

16 thoughts on “FFfAW : From out of the shadows”

  1. Not entirely sure what’s going on here, Graham – I get he’s fearful of the night, she’d dreaming of families. But what does she need to tell him? Are the families a clue? Baby on the way? Both had great voices I thought, confidently told

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    1. I was striving to paint their different attitudes to what they saw and introduce an enigmatic and ambiguous ending to my little story. What happens next is anybodies guess but would make an interesting start to a longer story (or so I hoped) 😉

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  2. I love how they find each other amid the shadows of the night. Gives the story a mysterious, eerie feel. Sounds like she has a baby on the way and is about to get her dream of families fulfilled. Great story!


  3. So…what does Fred need to know?? You can’t just leave me with a cliffhanger like that! As intriguing as this story was to read, I think there was a bit of disconnect with the different perspectives. I did get a little lost the first time I read the story.

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  4. I like how you show the same scene from two very different perspectives — fear is so subjective! And what a clever one she is (if not perhaps so nice), dropping some bomb on him when she knows he’s vulnerable. 😉

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