Friday Fictioneers : Irresistible

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The child in Adrian resurfaced as he gazed upon the wintery scene as if through a window. His muscles urged him to rush outside and dance in the snow but his wizened frame remained immobile, stuck in the dream.

He gazed mesmerised at the falling snow, powerless, as strands of memory slowly rearranged themselves in his sedated mind.

Although he struggled to leave them hidden, his mind continued extracting and reassembling the events of that fateful afternoon.

“It’s working… coming up on the monitors now.”

The technician continued injecting into Adrian’s bound body.

“Yes … We’ve got him!”

Here is my entry to this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge. The prompt is © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our wonderful host. Thanks Rochelle!

19 Replies to “Friday Fictioneers : Irresistible”

    1. Makes for an interesting debate. Perhaps the only unique element is the visualisation. I’m convinced the rest of the procedure is a routine frequently practiced unfortunately.


  1. I confess that I am not totally clear on this one.
    I am confused by ‘wizened’, and like others above not sure if he is being saved or trapped.
    But intriguing stuff, I get the feeling that more words might develop an excellent piece.

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    1. I liked the dichotomy between a child and a wizened (shrivelled or wrinkled with age) man being or feeling weakened and defenceless. My intention was trapped but you’re right he could have been in the process of being saved. I appreciate (as always) your feedback.


      1. Laughing.
        I understood the meaning of ‘wizened’, but not its relevance to the story.
        It was just one more layer of confusion for my feeble brain.
        Let’s just blame Graham, okay?

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  2. As always with new inventions, this could be a blessing or a curse. Just think of people with dementia regaining their memory. And on the other side of the spectrum, dissidents, protesters, captured, being forced to betray their friends through this. A very scary and intriguing scenario.

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  3. What a great scene you set of a terrifying technology. Even if it could be used in positive ways, my guess is that it would be used to self-incriminate people for all manner of infractions. Having your own memories used against you would be awful!

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