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What Pegman Saw is a new Flash Fiction challenge utilizing Google Maps. The assignment is to write a story –150 words or less– based upon the location provided. Use the photo or follow the Google Maps link and take your own street view tour.

Here is this weeks link.

Day Trip

“Are we there yet?”

“Nearly,” I replied, although I really had no idea.

It was simple really. Drive, enjoy the scenery, find something to eat, and fill up the tank.

“Are we there yet?”

“It’s not far.”

I tried to sound convincing. I hadn’t seen anything other than trees and endless bends for over an hour.

“Are we th…”


I checked my anger.

Then I saw the Des Moines river in the distance and the entrance to Bonaparte.

We’d arrived.

Driving at a respectable pace along the main street I pulled into a parking spot behind the Diner.

I checked that the boy was hidden under the covers on the back seat.

“Kid, are you going to behave or do I have to put you back in the boot?”

“… I’ll be good.”

I checked his ties and gagged him again, just in case. You couldn’t be too careful.

19 Replies to “What Pegman Saw : Day Trip”

  1. There was me thinking it was an ordinary tale of a dad being irritated by his kid and you turn it on its heads, spin it into a kidnapping! Nicely tricking us there Graham – great tale

    Possibly a tiny typo – ‘the boy was hidden under the covers on back seat’. Needs another ‘the’?

    Liked by 1 person

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