Sunday Photo Fiction : Healing



I watched my darling little Lily arrange, and rearrange, the stones and trinkets around my favourite silver Buddha statue on its little tray.

I hadn’t noticed the tray in a while; too busy with my sadness and too ashamed of my anger.

“Light the sticks?” she pleaded, softly and wide-eyed.

“Sure,” I replied, and lighted two Joss sticks, inhaling slowly in anticipation.

I’d forgotten their intense and spicy aroma and closed my eyes instinctively, intensifying the pleasure.

As my eyes opened, Lily was still lost in her thoughts, pushing the little, polished stones with the tips of her tiny fingers.

She hummed a wordless little song as she smiled.

Such a sweet illuminating song that reached out to my troubled soul.

Suddenly, by surprise, I felt full of love, and from the deep dark recesses of sorrow and pain, I allowed some warm happy tears to rise and flow, and the healing commence.

I’ve written some dark stories these past few weeks. On seeing this week’s prompt (© A Mixed Bag) I was reminded of other things.


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