The Vaults (of Leith)


My Grandad would often tell tales as we shared a glass of malt, basking in the heat from the crackling fireplace.

As a Cooper, he would regularly inspect the Whisky puncheons held in the Vaults of Leith.

Before each round, he would prise out a bung and help himself to a glass.

One day a Master made a surprise visit.

“Do you always take a glass before your inspection?”

“I do Sir, because there is always a strong smell of whisky and foul air and I would soon turn sick and be unfit if I didn’t harden my stomach.”

They started their inspection together, but the Master, feeling a little squeamish said, “I think ye are no far wrong, a wee dram would fortify my stomach also.”

So my Grandad gave him a drop from the best cask in the vaults and henceforth they became firm friends. (147 words)

The weekly What Pegman Saw is a fascinating weekly flash fiction challenge based on a Google Street View location, somewhere on the planet.

My story is culled and contextualised from the histories of Leith.

This week’s challenge comes from a street view in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. A city I lived in from 1968 to 1978. Fond memories.

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