Sunday Photo Fiction – The Lights

The Lights

With thanks – © A Mixed Bag, 2013

I felt better in the anonymity of the shadows.

It wasn’t cold but an unexpected shiver disrupted my thoughts.

I was getting too old for these late night excursions.

I looked up to the three bright lights above for inspiration.

Musketeers, Wise Men or Tenors?

Was that my tummy rumbling? I must be hungry.

I should go home, but first I must finish … what … I don’t know.

A woman with an interesting face appeared out of the shadows.

She seemed familiar. I think I’ve met her before.

“Dad, are you alright?”

Of course I was fine. What was this woman thinking?

“Dad, it’s Mary.”


She seemed to know me anyway.

Why did she think I was her Dad?

She took my hand, and I felt its warmth.

She gazed deep into my eyes and smiled.

“Come on Dad, let’s go home.”

It felt good to stop thinking.

I gripped her hand tight and followed.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a great weekly Flash Fiction challenge that I’m always happy to participate in.


    1. Thanks. It was a case of letting it rest a while and coming back to it later. My original thoughts led it elsewhere. I appreciate your comments a lot, as always. Bonne Année 🙂


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