FFfAW – Getting ready to go


Getting ready to go

We were going to the riverfront.

‘Come on Dad,’ implored Daisy stepping on tiptoes and wrapping her arms tightly around my thighs.

‘Woah, I blurted out, as the fully laden shaving brush skidded over my jaw.

’Just let me finish shaving Poppet.’ I said with a foamy smile.

‘We’re going to be late,’ said Daniel, perched on his stool, holding a thick slice of toast, the butter sliding down his chin.

‘Again,’ he added.

‘If you interrupt Dad, we’ll never be ready,’ shouted my wife from the hallway, engrossed in applying her makeup.

I finished gliding the razor over my freshly shaved features and rinsed thoroughly before applying aftershave.

Daniel cried out, ’What’s that?’ Pointing to the wall beside me.

I saw, with terror, a sharp red point of light seeking me through the window from a van parked outside.

I knew in that instant that my past had finally caught up with me.

I took a deep breath in, and the light pierced my eye.

Inevitably, the bullet would follow.

I strayed a little from the photo prompt. I hope you don’t mind. It is a great prompt. Thanks © The Storyteller’s Abode.


    1. I wanted it to come unexpectedly, lull the reader into a false sense of things being normal. I struggled within the constraints of not going over 175 words, which it did 🙂

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