What Pegman Saw -The Integraton

Screenshot 2017-01-14 15.04.51.png

Google Street View of Landers, California.

The Integraton

Carol phoned me early, all excited. I was only barely approaching consciousness.

“I need to go to Integration,” she said. She was speaking far too rapidly for my coffee craving brain.

“Slow down, Carol,” I replied. “Please.”

“Can you drive me up to that Integration place.”

“The Integraton?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“The usual?”

I salivated. Carol was an extremely attractive woman but she also baked mean cupcakes and I could always dream, couldn’t I.

“Ok, I’ll grab a coffee and come pick you up.”

I dropped her off just in front.

I’ve never been inside.

Sound baths and harmonic sound frequencies are a bit too much for my no weird shit mind.

I strolled down the road to help kill time.

When I saw the realtors sign I knew where I could invest Dad’s inheritance.

A motel, a restaurant, maybe a casino.

Thank you Carol.

What Pegman saw! It’s a fresh, new and exciting Flash Fiction Challenge.


  1. I think George Van Tassel had a similar idea when he set up his airstrip, café, and dude ranch there, along with building the Integratron. I used to live in Southern California many years ago, but this is the first I’ve heard of the machine and Van Tassel.

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