Shall I stay or shall I go?

From time to time it’s good to reflect on what has gone before, what is happening now and what could happen in the future.

I’ve been blogging for many years. In fact I have a screenshot of a post from 2003!! I had started blogging a few years before that. Well before WordPress or Blogger existed in fact.


For a few years it was typical blog material. My life, my thoughts and my opinions on a fairly regular basis.

Then I would hide away for a few months and then I’d be back.

My most successful period has been with this current blog when I started writing on a regular basis. Lots of writing challenges and a lot of fun.

Over time I’ve built up a respectable following (over 600 just recently) but that’s fairly representative of what happens in the blogosphere. You follow others and they follow you. If you were to look at my stats they paint a different story.

When I lost the habit of writing, and I’m still not sure of why that happened, I portrayed one of my other passions – Photography. I even changed the template so that photos would be the highlight. My idea was to showcase my photography but that hasn’t really turned out how I’d hoped. Nowadays I put my photos on 500px and it’s turned out to be a better way of showcasing them.

This blog is up for renewal in a few months and I’m reluctant to let it go.

My main problem is that I love listening and I’m very curious. I find it difficult to speak about myself or express myself other than by writing stories or showing off my photos. I prefer reading what others have written than expressing my own opinions.

This blog is currently hosted by which does limit the personalisation but offers a simplicity of use. Basically I have multiple choices. I could renew my subscription, migrate to a self hosted blog, or just cancel my subscription and say goodbye to my blog.

I’ve not decided what I’ll do yet, but I’ll keep you posted.


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