The suspense is over

8 thoughts on “The suspense is over”

  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to stay Graham.
    I think most bloggers do so for their own benefit rather than for others’. It is good, though, to have a small group of regular readers who contribute to discussions, and to know that you have at least Mabel, Joe, and Betty reading most, if not all, is a nicety.
    Looking forward to your new look blogging.

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    1. Thanks, Peter for your kind comments. It’s nice to know that you’re there and I always look forward to your feedback! My intention is to have fun and to do the best I can to make this an interesting place to go 🙂

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  2. Glad you stayed 🙂 Quirky and different is always good in my book! We have entirely too much “cookie cutter” going on in this world today. Welcome back!

    Believe you me, I completely understand what you mean by, “it’s hard to build a community.” People have to be willing to engage, share content, etc and that’s not always the easiest thing to find. Keep going! You’re bringing a lot of people joy.

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