Oh no, such a silly photographic error!


I took a photo in the garden the day before yesterday with my mobile phone, and although I was pleased with the result, I though the red was a little pinkish, and slightly unnatural.

I decided to take a few more with my Mirrorless Sony (A7R), but when I loaded them into Lightroom I was shocked with the results and it has taught me a lesson.

I’m a bit lazy although I prefer to say I economize the effort. I’d left the camera on automatic and the results are perfectly exposed but the field of vision is so restrained that the flowers are out of focus and I have a lovely focused leaf that obviously attracted the autofocus of the camera.

It’s a silly amateur mistake. If you are taking landscape photos you don’t have to pay too much attention, especially if you’re in a hurry but for close-ups it’s critical.

So I will have to pay attention and make sure that the aperture is superior to F11 and hope for sufficient light to enable a good shutter speed to avoid camera wobbles.

The only added complication is that if there is insufficient light, I will have to increase the ISO to compensate. The drawback is, of course, that the result becomes grainier as the ISO increases.

I’m writing this of course to teach myself better photographic practice and to remind me to pack a tripod for my next trip!


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