Sunday Photo Fiction (21.4.19)

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Another street corner

It was like any other nameless street corner in a nondescript island town. It could have been in the Caribbean or in the Pacific or on any other Tropical Island.

There was just the right number of stray dogs and random children kicked up the dust with a half deflated ball while yelling in what could have been Spanish or Portuguese or some other Latin language.

It wasn’t the time of day to be spent outside but rather a time to seek shade and iced refreshments.

It was everybody’s idea of a ‘B’ movie scene with either a single shot to the head or a drunk thrown into the street from a bar just in the shade.

It hadn’t changed much since the last time he was here, thirty five years ago to the day.

He squinted at his watch and saw that it was just a few minutes to three.

Just time to get back to the pier to catch the tender back to the ship.

Another day, another port and another cruise. (174 words)

This is my entry to this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction.


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