Sunday Photo Fiction (28.4.19)

Photo Credit: Reena Saxena

 Afternoon Tea

I got up cheerily from my armchair.

“How about a nice cup of tea, Julia?”

“That would be wonderful Hon!” She replied, sitting rigidly on the edge of the sofa.

I hurried to the kitchen, poured her some Earl Grey, added 4 drops of 2Die4, a handy internet purchase, decorated a side plate with a few Rich Teas and returned to the sitting room.

“Here you are love, no sugar!”

“Actually, can I change my mind and have some coffee?”

She seemed embarrassed and didn’t notice my displeasure.

“No problem, I always have a pot on the go”, I said, through gritted teeth.

I took the cup back to the kitchen, left it next to the cooker and poured her a cup of coffee. I added a further 4 drops of 2Die4, and returned to our conversation.

We chatted while Julia sipped her coffee. Her speech was slurring. My plan was working.

I heard my husband come in through the back door.

We chatted some more.

From the kitchen there came the sound of a fall and the shattering of glass on the stone floor.

“Oh no!”

Julia slumped on the sofa.

Two bodies to deal with. (197 words)

It’s Sunday and another chance to enter the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. Two hundred words inspired by a photo.



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