Sunday Photo Fiction (5.5.2019)

© A Mixed Bag


Mum and Dad said I chortled with pleasure as the dragon mobile turned round and round.

I don’t really remember the dragon, but I do recall the nightmares, a gleaming pointy end, and the warm, sticky blood spurting from deep gashes in scaly reptilian flesh. All that gore, night after endless night.

Eventually the dragon flew from the nest above my bed leaving an indelible fiery trail of deep reds and bright yellows.

My nocturnal breathing eased at last.

Then came childhood and the age of plastic. Time spent on revengeful, rainy Sundays, throwing the red and green figurines with pre-adolescent strength, against doors and walls.

Somewhere between Sunday’s Ice Cream and Monday’s soft silken kisses, arrived a new sensual world to explore and the Dragons shifted to different places in my mind. They become more literary and less brooding, as they buried themselves deep between the pages of Tolkien and Martin.

You might have thought that I was destined to become a renowned surgeon or a devious serial killer but the mind is a wonderful instrument.

My name is Dr George.

I’m a Clinical Psychologist.

Thanks for purchasing my book ‘How to slay your dragons’ (196 words)

Sunday Photo Fiction is celebrating a one year anniversary this week and I’m so happy to be back writing under Susan’s care. Thanks for taking over from Al and doing such a splendid job. Congratulations!

I’m also celebrating a day that both The UK and the USA write the same way.


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