Friday #FotoFlash Fiction July 26 2019

Dancing in the streets

There were a lot of people at the window. I started to count them, but got bored and gave up. Mainly men though, after all it was an international bank. I imagine that junior personnel continued to execute essential tasks while their managers looked out from the windows.

Naturally, we had laid on the spectacle in the streets below.
The posters had been displayed for weeks, and there had been, of course, a huge impact on Social Media. Even a special group on Facebook. We had excellent media managers and quite a few influencers had been persuaded to give it a write up and promise to be there.

In reality it was more noise than music, but we needed to attract and sustain attention. Flags were waving, coloured smoke bombs exploded harmlessly, and balloons escaped to the skies above.

Some of the office managers had left the building and had lined the streets in order to be nearer to the action. This was an unexpected, but welcome, bonus.

We entered the building from the rear, and avoiding the lifts, took the stairs. We had been training for this for weeks, and weren’t even out of breath when we got to the ninth floor.

We split into two groups, five of us overpowered those not at the windows while the rest of us locked the spectators in their offices and pumped in gas to immobilise them. There were so many spectators in all that they would never be missed. Everybody’s attention was riveted on the performers in the street.

We opened the safes and deposit boxes without a problem and bundled the contents, including some exquisite diamonds, into our backpacks.

Military precision and months of training was paying off.

Unfortunately we had neglected one small, but important detail.

One of the windows, the one with the brown window frames, was empty of onlookers.

Unbeknownst to us, the bank had obtained, and installed, a squad of the latest generation of Mark VI RoboGardians, and kept them in the room, ready to intervene at any sign of disturbance, or heist.

They suddenly burst out, unannounced, and primed for action.

We didn’t stand a chance and were neutralised with embarrassing speed.

It was all over for us, but the carnival outside played on. (379 words)

Another #FotoFlashFiction entry today. This is a 500 word flash fiction challenge organised by Donna.

My feature photo today was taken in Japan


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