Sunday Photo Fiction July 28 2019

Photo courtesy of DC Stultz

The sun was fired up, and generously spread its heat and light. It was mid July, and we were used to it, although it seemed to be getting hotter each year.

The meat was fresh and juicy, the veg was crispy and fresh. The kids were galvanised. Jumping, skipping and dancing. Boundless summer holiday excitement.

We all ran down to the barbecue and I opened it up and backwards on its hinges.

Oh no, there was a lizard lounging lazily on the grill!

“There’s another lizard and it’s not moving, just like last week”, I said with meaningful astonishment.

I shoo’d and gesticulated like a showman, to no effect.

“Is it the same one?” my wife asked.

“No, last week it was green!”

I deftly closed the lid of the barbecue.

“I guess it’s Take Away Pizza then”, I replied.

They all camouflaged their disappointment, while I dialled the Take Away.

Then I was off to the pool with the rest of the family, for some quality, and relaxing, weekend time.

I won’t be able to get away with it next week, I thought.

I’ve run out of colours, I’d used red, green and now silver, on that cheap but realistic Jurassic plastic toy.

My wife scowled and muttered, out of earshot of the kids.

“Lazy bastard.” (217 Words)

Donna has provided us with another lovely challenge this week in Sunday Photo Fiction.


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