I’m starting a new series of posts today, and I’m calling it “Adventures in Lightroom.”

I systematically post process most of my photos. I tend to shoot in RAW when I’m not using my iPhone (and I should really shoot in raw with the iPhone too) so without post treatment they tend to be a bit flat.

A few seconds work whips them into shape.

Occasionaly I come across a photo that takes more work and can sometimes be tweaked into something that pushes it to the limits.

My featured photo today fits that description nicely.

It was a metallic stork perched on a post that we saw on a visit to a Lavender Garden in North Yorkshire. A form of sculpture. It was just before a rainshower and the light was poor. In the unprocessed photo the Stork was almost in silhouette.

I just turned it into black and white, exagerating the contrasts and bringing in some definition to the sky to make it moodier.

I hope you like it 🙂

I’m thinking of posting the unprocessed image as part of the post. Would that interest you?

10 Replies to “Adventures in Lightroom #1”

    1. Thanks Adrian. I’ll take your advice onboard. Effectively it could be distracting and as we know only a percentage of visitors get behond the feature photo to the accompanying text 😉


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