Sunday Photo Fiction August 11, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction is a “challenge is to write a story based upon the photo in 200 words or less. When you are done, post your story and the photo prompt on your blog”. Donna is our host for this challenge and she is a stellar author herself.

I don’t know why I missed last Sunday. I must have been busy doing other things.

It happens.

I don’t think we get bad marks for missing an entry!

Photo from Morguefile

Breakfast on the Terrace

Sunday morning.

We arrived at the Café just in time for breakfast.

The sun flexed its rays, and a calm breeze wafted in from the coast nearby.

It was perfect.

Cappuccino for you, a large Americano for me, accompanied by crispy croissants, dunked with abandon.

Some Pain au Chocolat.

Distinctly European.

Fleeting regards over the table.

An occasional smile.

Stilted conversation.



We grabbed our mobiles, checked the news, played a few games and stared mindlessly.

As the sun’s rays intensified, our eyes strained to catch the details on the screens.

You reached into your bag, and pulled out a sketch pad.

Relieved by the prospect of distraction, I reached for mine.

You wrote.

I drew.

The Church Bells called the faithful.

Was that the cue we were waiting for?

We put away our affairs and stood, looking at each other uneasily.

“That’s it then,” you mumbled.

“I suppose so,” I replied.

We approached, but aborted.

Fleeting, furtive gazes.

Dull eyes, grim, tight lips.



You turned in slow motion and walked away without a further word.

I waited until you had disappeared.

I never learnt your name.

I never saw you again.

Another fruitless summer romance. (199 words)


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