Fiction revisited and revised

In 2016 I wrote this story for a Friday Fictioneers challenge and rereading it today I had an urge to rewrite it.

So I did.

The Old Sea Dog.

Photo Prompt © George Koch

“Can I wear your Captain’s hat Dad?”

Dad looked at me, wide-eyed and incredulous.


“It’s me, Bobby.”


“Your son Bobby, Dad.”

I lifted the sippy cup to his chapped lips.

He sucked noisily, staring absently.

I followed the hands of his naval timepiece, as they crept towards twelve.

The brass clock chimed the midday bells.

For a brief moment, time receded, a warm smile spread across his lips and sparks returned to his eyes.

I smiled back, and reached for his hand.

“Hi, Captain.”

“Hello, Son.”

— 000 —

My feature photo is of a room in the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes, Norway. (January 2018)

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