Sunday Photo Fiction – September 29, 2019

Photo courtesy of P. Allman

Summer Holiday

The family was excited.

We were going to Flamingo Lake.

Emily was all smiles.

The children, Bobby and Amantha rushed around the house grabbing things and stuffing them into their bags.

I put on a brave grinning face.

“Come on everybody, finish your breakfast and we’ll be off!”

Bobby stuffed a slice of toast in sideways.

Butter and red jam seeped from his mouth and dripped to the table. He scooped it up with his fingers and licked noisily.

Emily frowned but didn’t comment.

Amantha sipped her cocoa absently between endless questions.

“Is it far to go?”

“Will I have my own room?”

“How many Flamingos on the lake?”

Finally we were ready. I closed the door behind and we all tumbled into the car.

It was a long drive.

Emily had her happy face.

Bobby, daydreamed and dozed.

Amantha continued as usual.

“Are we there yet?”

“I’m hungry!”

“Stop the car! I’m going to be sick!”

Finally we arrived at the Lodge.

The children rushed to the lakeside.

They were greeted by the giant inflatable Flamingo.

Emily saw it from the car.

She had that look.

“Honey, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

She was not amused.

I gulped. (200 words)

After a short absence I’m back for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction. It’s nice to be back! Great choice of prompt this week once again Donna. Thank you.

My feature photo for this post is from a similar disappointing event. My wife and I went on an excurion where we were promised Flamingos, but they were so far away that I would have needed an even more powerful zoom lens to do them justice. We complained.


  1. I rather like your flamingo photo – the birds at Walt Disney World are never that colorful when we visit.

    Now, your tale was a perfect slice of family life. Loved it!! (and miss you on my Friday #fotoflash challenges)


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