Sunday Photo Fiction October 6, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Barb Crews

Another Check-in

The departure hall was in complete pandemonium.

All those bodies shouting and pressing forward, whiffs of stale aftershave and unwashed bodies.

All eyes were on the check-in counters with everyone vying to get into the best queue.

I tried to reassure my wife.

She shrugged, rolling her eyes. Miranda 18months, was cradled asleep on her shoulder and with her free hand she held onto young Simon, who was struggling to break free.

I nudged our 3 suitcases slowly forward and cursed the couple in front, so taken up with their conversation, that they left a big gap in the queue.

I coughed to draw their attention and they looked back angrily as I turned the other way.

They inched forward.

I surveyed our line, trying to estimate when it was going to be our turn to check in so we could pass the security checks.

Suddenly, Simon twisted and shouted for everyone to hear.


He darted into the crowd as if possessed.


He disappeared from view but we could hear him yelling.


I shot a look at my wife and threw my arms into the air.

“Simon packed his Hamster! Really?”

(195 words)

— 000 —

This is my entry to this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction. where the challenge is to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 200 words or less.

It’s a great challenge. Thanks Donna!

My feature photo was taken from the plane somewhere between Cusco and Lima. I love seeing the Andes poke through the clouds.


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