Sunday Photo Fiction – October 13, 2019

Photo courtesy of David Meredith, photographer

Buildings require love or they fall into disrepair.

Andy and John were visiting a recently purchased property deep in rural Shropshire.

Walking through the kitchen, they imagined a sturdy range cooker in the alcove just beside an entrance to a pantry.

Andy’s grandma cooked with on a range and his mind wandered to the taste of butter spread on her freshly baked scones.

John was the kitchen specialist and his tape measure was out, measuring for kitchen units.

He had a happy smile.

He was in his element.

Andy turned to John.

“It’s going to take a lot of work but I think it will be absolutely stunning.”

John nodded.

“I’ll cost it up when we get back to the office.”

Back at head-office, in downtown Manhattan , Martin absently flicked through the photos of the house on his tablet and looked at the numbers.

Sipping his cafe latte, with whipped cream and added sprinkles, he watched the feeds and the fluctuating market values on the monitors.

He shrugged his shoulders and dictated an email to John and Andy.

Concerning our recently purchased property. Just demolish and construct 3 two bedroomed executive houses.

Please move on to the next.

(198 words)

My feature image is a charming cottage in Pitlochry, Scotalnd.

This is my entry to this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction.


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