Twittering Tales #159 – 22 October 2019 : The new Computer

Photo by Pexels at Pixabay

The new Computer

Bret eagerly anticipated his new computer.

Delivered earlier, he unboxed it before supper.

At 10pm he turned it on.

At midnight he upgraded the Operating System.

At 1am he added the anti-virus.

At 2am he was ready Yay! … but fell asleep.

He woke at 7am.

Bright sunlight.

Time for work!

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— 000 —

Tuesday is back again and it’s time for a new Twittering Tales!

My feature image is a photo of my old iMac that I sold last week.


      1. Oh my, one of my favorite people…the good ones anyway! After years at a keyboard, I’ve gotten pretty good at troubleshooting my issues. Alas I don’t have an administrator pw to fix some of them! 😳

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