The 28 : Day 28 – Light in the Shadows

Light in the Shadows 9

The canvas caught the early morning rays – adagio sostenuto.

His eyes pierced through the shadows and into the light – adagio un poco mosso.

Then the light shone as warm tears flowed – andante moderato.

His soul exploded, manifesting all those joyful colours – Allegro Ma Non Troppo.

(280 characters)

— 000 —

Tamsin Haggis has been a constant inspiration since we’ve met so I thought it fitting to use one of her latest paintings to write the last story in this 28 day marathon.

Thanks Tamsin!

You can see (much) more of Tamsin’s Art by following the links.

Background :

This very short tale was born from the painting and while I was enjoying it I was adding a ‘soundtrack’ of sorts that went well looking at and contemplating her art. My choice is reflected in the tempos of each ‘mouvement’.

Here is the music listing :

  • Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 Op. 18 2nd movement Adagio sostenuto
  • Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5 E flat major Op. 73 “Emperor” second movement Adagio un poco mosso
  • Fauré Requiem in D Minor Op. 48 In Paradisum Andante moderato
  • Beethoven Symphony No.6 Op.68 “Pastoral” 1st Movement Allegro Ma Non Troppo


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