Sunday Photo Fiction : 10 November 2019 – Interrogation

Photo Credit: MicheleBlanche,, @MicheleBlancheInspired on Instagram


When I was handed the image, I reached out to pull it closer to me, but the handcuffs, attached solidly to the interview desk, cut into my wrists and I was only able to catch the eyes of the plain-clothed detective on the other side.

He seized the image and thrusted it angrily into my sweaty, trembling fingers.

“Do you recognise this woman?” He grunted.

I tried to find some words, any words, but they were locked in and hidden between conflicting accounts of what might have happened.

I noticed that the plastic had been torn around the nose, just before the image was snatched from me and slammed face down on the interview desk.

As the desk vibrated, I suddenly awoke but the fear hadn’t dissipated.

I was drenched in sweat.

Blinking rapidly I tried to surface from the nightmare but tied spread-eagled on the vile smelling mattress I realised that my predicament had only shifted.

A male voice from behind me shouted.

“Tell me about the woman!”

A fist connected violently with my jaw.

I awoke once more.

Hanging from the ceiling, spinning slowly, rope cutting into flesh.

When was all this going to end?

Darkness fell swiftly.

(200 words)

—- 000 —-

This is my entry to Sunday Photo Fiction, written from our cruise ship docked in Civitavecchia, Italy


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