Sunday Photo Fiction : 17 November 2019 – Owls

This weeks photo credits : morguefile

Beware owls in the road

“What’s that even supposed to mean?”

Jack was clearly exasperated.

“Not the faintest idea Jack, and to think we’ve travelled three days and nights to these precise coordinates just to see a stupid sign!”

“It must mean something. Did you check the SatNav?”

“Well the car only approximates the position, but this handheld gizmo says the coordinates point precisely to the exact position of this sign.“

“But what does it even mean?”

“I haven’t the faintest idea.

After three sleepless nights I don’t even care. “

They both looked desperately for clues.

Suddenly Jack notices two small sculptures on either side of the sign.

“What about these statues?” He points.

Although crumbled and broken he takes a closer look.

Two enormous stone eyes stare back at him.

He looks back at the sign and a wry smile escapes his weary mouth.

Taking out his pocket knife, he scrapes the dust and mud away from the eyes, to reveal two enormous sparkling emeralds.

He laughs.

Beware owls in the road.



“Bert loved his anagrams.

Maybe we should have spared him.

But a two-way split is much more profitable.”

(197 words )

—- 000 —-

I look forward each Sunday to my bite of Sunday Photo Fiction!

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