What is a blog in 2019?

Well first of all,We’re back from our cruise from Southampton to Singapore. It was a long one (Thirty Seven nights).

We had a great time but we’re glad to be home (and a bit jet-lagged).

While we had cellular data coverage I was able to update regularly but once we’d passed the Suez Canal it became difficult and sometimes impossible to update even using the ships satellite wifi, which was, by the way, rather expensive.

During the last week or so, navigating the Indian Ocean, and visiting Sri Lanka and Malaysia, it became impossible and I abandonned after a few fruitless attempts.

— 000 —

I’ve taken some time to reflect on my social media usage and, like many of you, I’m experiencing high levels of frustration with what I see in my feeds.

I used to have a ‘chatty’ blog, but these past few years I’ve been using it as a showcase for writing flash fiction and displaying my photography.

I think it’s time to adopt a more varied style of content and in preparation I’ve deactivated my Twitter account and cut back to just the essential groups and pages in Facebook.

I’ll ask my Facebook friends to use this blog as a means of contact but I’ll probably stop short of unfriending my many Facebook friends : for the time being anyway.

It seems to me that there are only a relatively few number of friends that engage actively and that’s a real shame.

Todays feature photo was taken in Colombo, Sri Lanka with an iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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