Sunday Photo Fiction : 29 December 2019 – Happy New Year

Fred had planned it meticulously.
Business class return from Manchester to Las Vegas.
Six nights in a honeymoon suite at Ceasars Palace.
A romantic in-room dining extravaganza on New Years Eve, followed by champagne in the hot tub.
Ten thousand dollars to spend in the casino.
The best seats for Mystère by Cirque du Soleil, at Treasure Island, on South Las Vegas Boulevard.
It was perfect, as he described it to Josie while they shared a romantic Big Mac menu, splashing out on some chicken Nuggets dipped in barbecue sauce.
They exchanged smiles lost in each other’s eyes, her warm hands cradled softly in his.
When they got home they poured two glasses of fizz in borrowed champagne glasses in front of a poster of Ceasars Palace and clinked their glasses.
They were laughing so much it was a challenge to keep still while they composed the photo.
They kissed while Big Ben chimed in the New Year.
At 00.01am they posted their photo on Instagram with the caption “Happy New Year!” (172 words)

— 000 —

Best wishes for the New Year!

I can’t help remarquing that the manicured hand has those lovely cherries in her glass while the other glass contains olives.

Wouldn’t it have been fun if it was the contrary (smiles)

Photo credits for the featured photo : Photo by jfelias @ Morguefile

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