Hello 2020 – Hello You!

Well it’s been about a month since I deactivated my Facebook account and although I reinstated it two weeks later it doesn’t at all ressemble what it used to be.

I deleted all the liked pages and also most of the groups I subscribed to.

I unfriended over 150 friends and deleted every single photo in my archives, leaving only my vignette and banner images.

Then I deleted every single post older than a month. It took all day but I’m retired, I have that much time to devote to this sort of task (laughs).

Then I deleted the FB apps from my phone and tablet.

I just look from time to time on the desktop.

My latest radical decision is to no longer post photos of my family.

I will post what I hope to be interesting photos but not of me or my family.

What I find fascinating is that no-one has made a comment or remark.

I’m surprised.

My feature photo was taken by a fellow tourist on a lake in Myanmar durimg a fantastic River Cruise/


  1. Either your retired friends don’t notice or people are so used to seeing posts by friends that they don’t see. Facebook has become a place to see adverts and content by publishers rather than friends. It’s a shame that it is nothing like we knew in the early days. I might have been slow but I eventually commented here. 😉

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