Photos from my Archive 3 – Lac Leman


Lac Leman is also called Lake Geneva which has always been a difficult name for those living in Canton Vaud. This photo was taken along its shores. This spot is also part of the Montreux Riviera, where incidentally is held the annual Montreux Jazz Festival. It boasts a microclimate where it’s not unusual to see the occasional modest Palm Tree.

It’s a wonderful place to visit, even in Winter, when this photo was taken.


  1. Lac Léman rolls off the tongue. Lac De Genève sounds like you’re saying Lac Duh Geneva. ;-). The problem for Vaud people like me is that Geneva doesn’t even have the petit lac. It just has the transition from lake to Rhone river. Most of the lake is in the Canton De Vaud. I do like taking pictures of the lake in Geneva, especially when the weather is dynamic. I would love for it to freeze again.

    When I see barriers like this I always think about how easy it would be to get around them. 🙂

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