Sunday Photo Fiction: 9.2.2020 – Between the pages


Photo Credit Morguefile

Between the Pages

After her Mother died, Beatrice inherited the old Manor House and immediately set about modernising it.

Brushing away the past.

All those cramped spaces weren’t her style and whereas she wasn’t against all that character, it was just too much.

Too many memories of playing with her sisters Elsbeth and Dianna in draughty hiding places on cold winters’ afternoons.

She eventually obtained planning permission and created a massive open-plan living area with bifold doors to the terrace.

She didn’t touch the upstairs bedrooms and couldn’t face entering the library.

That was her father’s domain.

He’d passed away in mysterious circumstances when she was eleven.

Too many incidents to forget.

She shivered.

Later, after all the boxes had been unpacked, she found the courage to unlock the library door.

When she opened the door a sudden draught lifted the dust in a dense fog.

As it settled, she was surrounded by hard-bound books crammed onto the shelves.

At random, she plucked a book, and to her surprise, a scrap of pink paper with scrawling black writing escaped to the floor.

She picked it up and read.

“Day 23. I don’t know how much more I can take.” B.

(197 words)

— 000 —

It’s been a while since I’ve written some flash fiction but I enjoyed writing this one. I got carried away and had to come back to prune.


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