I have an Instagram page

I also have an Instagram page and you can see it by following the link.

My feature image is from my last Instagram Post.

If you were following my Facebook adventures you deserve a follow-up.

To recap : I deactivated my account and nobody noticed (aloud anyway), even after a couple of weeks.

So I opened it up again and deleted every single post (since joining in 2006). It took me days!

I also deleted every single photo (except the profile photo which you can’t), and unfriended 3/4 of my ‘friends’. All but a few pages I liked and left just three groups.

After a few weeks I asked Facebook to send me all the data that it held associated with my account.

I was surprised to see that every single click, comment, like etc etc remained. My thoughts were “what is interesting in knowing that I said “I’m at home” on the 13th of September 2007″?


When I thought back to all I had innocently posted over the years I thought enough was enough.

So I re-deactivated and deleted my account, hoping that Facebook would delete all that data after 30 days as they promise.

I then opened a new account and I’ll try not to make the same mistakes again and will be extremely wary in what I post.


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