1. Wonderful! I have the privilege of getting to know a famous Malibu giraffe, Stanley, up close and purple-tongue personal :)) (I hear he has his own facebook page, he lives at Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu.) He has the BIGGEST eyes imaginable! The ranch acquired him after he retired from the film industry, as he would continue to grow and be too tall to transport. I work with horses, and when Stanley first arrived at the ranch, he got very excited to see me, a human, in the adjacent field getting out the horse I was to trim or shoe. I cherish those early embraces with Stanley. They built a tall platform for up-close visits. Very special!

    Also, check out the Santa Barbara, California, zoo — they just had a new giraffe born last month :)) Best to you! Dawn

    you might enjoy this: https://soulhorseride.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/where-starboy-runs/

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    1. That’s a fascinating comment that merits to be extracted from the comments and brought mainstream on my blog. If you could point me to any photos of Stanley I would live to include your Colmenar as a blog post and link back to you. What do you think? Take care in these troubled times. Coincidentally WP says I have 800 followers today. It’s an interesting achievement even if I know that a proportion of these followers are of questionable origins 😂

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      1. Hurray! 800 — I hope my following helped you get there :)) I have great Stanley pics, but not sure where I’ve hidden them. Will look and see if any are on my computer and let you know :)) :))

        I think you will like the California Condors and gray whales in the following posts —



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