I’m missing Sushi and friends

When we were visiting Geneva last Christmas we had a very pleasant evening with friends who ordered a Sushi. The one I’m showing you in this photo.

It was a great Sushi and a wonderful evening.

It makes you realise, once again, the importance of friends. We haven’t always been lucky with our extended families but we do have some truly remarkable friends and I’m very grateful.

In these days of lockdown I really miss them. Luckily we at least have other means of communicating but it’s not the same is it.


  1. Nope, it isn’t. Thanks to this pandemic I took time to study and try to understand CSS. At the same time I think I’m living the life of a Pandemic Hermit, or some similar term. No handshakes or anything else in 71 days if my maths is correct. I think I’ll be even more solitary as a result of this pandemic. It’s too painful waiting for group activities to be possible again. It’s easier to cope by being fatalistic, at least for now.

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