The Cottage : Sunday Photo Fiction

Phil and Bev thought they had finally found the house they’d been looking for.

A small period country cottage with a compact garden.

Phil looked at Bev with raised eyebrows.

“Will this do love?”

“Lets’s look a little closer.

“Ok”, he replied, as he pulled her gently towards the front gate.

Clearly, the cottage had seen better days and generally looked somewhat unloved.

Phil broke the long silence.

“It’s positively ancient, 1925, that’s over 200 years old!”

Bev nodded, “It’s shoddy and in disrepair and there are weeds everywhere.”

“But it’s just about affordable.”

“Yes but we’d have to take down the EU bunting, nobody even talks about that era anymore.”

“We’d have to save hard to change the slightest pixel I’m afraid.”

“So we couldn’t change anything without additional funds.”

“Yep. Virtual Reality is at a premium these days.”

Phil closed the app on his mobile and the facade faded revealing the stark concrete floor and grey brick front of their small, rented, two bed flat on the 76th floor.

“It would be a small first step on the property ladder.”

“But £200K for a virtual facade. Is it worth it?”

Phil shrugged.

Anything to please.

(197 words)

Photo courtesy of Morguefile (Pixaby)

— o0o —

Two weeks in a row. I’m on a roll with Sunday Photo Fiction. A weekly challenge curated by the wonderful Donna.


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