Our garden according to a Photoshop Camera Lens

Adobe has a new app for iOS/iPadOS and Android called Photoshop Camera, and I’ve been playing with it for a few days.

The idea is to add filters and effects before you take the photo but it reminded me today that I can pull in existing photos and add the effects to them.

A Photoshop Camera ‘Lens’

That is what I did for my feature photo today. It’s fairly difficult to see but it is a view of our garden.

I’ve added another photo below of another Photoshop Camera ‘lens’.

Another Photoshop Camera ‘Lens’

I don’t quite know how to fit these in with my normal workflow!

It’s quite a lot of fun to use the app though and I suppose that’s the goal. It’s very social media oriented and although you can find me on Instagram and Facebook, that’s about it.


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