My Headlines

A had a break from posting yeserday.

I felt I was in a rut with posting ‘On this day’ pics from my archives and I’ve come to the conclusion that you deserve better.

I read a post on Facebook the other day that sparked my interest.

The gist was that with all the news around about Covid, protests, tragedies, terrorism and so on it’s easy to become convinced that this ‘new normal’ is in fact real life.

The post went on to say that he met an 87 year old man that said that he had learnt a long time ago not to see the world through the news headlines but rather through the people that surrounded him.

He then concluded that the world was very different to what was depicted and therefore set about creating his own headlines.

He gave some examples.

Husband love wife today

Old man makes new friends

Family comes round for a lovely party

This makes a lot of sense to me and I’m wondering if I won’t make my own headlines from time to time.

Here is one for today.

Sixty-nine year old decides to improve his handwriting.


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