6 reasons why I’m in no hurry to take another cruise

My wife and I have taken around 30 cruises since April 2011.

That’s a lot of cruises.

These range in duration from a 3 night taster cruise in the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky in 2011 to a 76 night cruise on the Queen Victoria from Southampton to Wellington and back up the Pacific to Los Angeles in 2015.

Our last cruise was 37 nights on the Sapphire Princess from Southampton to Singapore late last year.

So we are familair with cruises and have cruised with many companies.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic we were in lockdown like most of the UK so all our travel plans since the beginning of this year have been cancelled up until now.

You know what? We are in no hurry to take another cruise right now.

There are 6 main reasons why.

1. You’ve seen the feature photo to this post. We wouldn’t feel comfortable with so many people and don’t think that social distancing is possible on a cruise ship without taking all the fun out it.

Diamond Princess, 2014

2. If we could live without the ships buffet, if there is social distancing in the restaurants, and the crew wear masks, gloves, and visors where is the pleasure in that?

3. We have been in an inside cabin on a few of our cruises but this would be absolutely out of the question. Perhaps even for the cruise lines themselves.

4. If there is social distancing in the theatre with many empty seats it will suck the ambiance and pleasure from the theatre experience not only for us, the audience, but also for the artists.

5. Tenders half empty will prolong the time taken to get to shore and come back when the ship is anchored away from the port. Excursions with half empty coaches might be too challenging and the cruiselines could overlook the safety aspects and ‘overbook’.

6. Although many virtual activities will surely be provided onboard they can’t come close to simulating a real cruise experience.

This is far from being an exhaustive list, but gives you an idea why cruising is not on the cards for us for the time being.

I’m sure that the cruiselines will find solutions, but I don’t think they will correspond, for the time being, to our wishes for a great cruise experience.

My last thought for today is we have to get to the ship in order to cruise.

We don’t feel like flying or using other forms of mass transport either.

I get the feeling that this problem will be twofold. First the airlines want to make a profit and sell the most seats possible to the detriment of the health of their passengers. Secondly, I don’t trust my fellow passengers to respect social distancing, wear masks or take necessary precautions such as hand washing or using hand sanitisers.

My conclusion for the moment is to abstain from travelling if some form of public transport is necessary.

I’ll try and restrain myself by using a form of transport where I have better control, my car.


  1. I can’t really see many people wanting to take those risks. I think there are going to be a lot of ships lying idle for a long time. I feel sorry for all the crews, many of whom work for a pittance anyway and rely a great deal on tips.


    1. Totally agree. I had a similar conversation with my sister on Facebook today. We agreed that the heart of the problem will probably be the attitudes and actions of the population with the complicity of eager for revenues commerces, restaurants and pubs

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