Wrestling with WordPress Themes

When I first started blogging there were only a few possibilites and it was relatively easy to set your blog up.

I self hosted all of my blogs until recent years. Installing and configuring WordPress from WordPress.org, and playing with HTML and CSS.

It was fun and I enjoyed it.

Since I restarted, 5 years or so ago, I chose WordPress.com as I didn’t feel like doing all that again.

In the main it’s been an OK experience although I do miss all those yummy plugins.

Now it’s mostly a question of choosing a good theme and hoping it will do that you require of it.

From experience, I’d say that any theme will do probably about 50 to 80 percent of what you would like.

This is the case of my latest theme (Altofocus) and I’ve been fighting with it all day.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the instructions given only cover the essential, and I’ve had to snoop around Google to find more info.

At the moment it is more or less how I’d like it, but expect some small changes over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience!

My feature pic is of a quiet corner of our garden.

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