Time to wind up and move on

A blogging Sunset

Hello friends. As some of you know I’ve been blogging for over twenty years off and on. I’ve had many highs and some lows over the years but am proud to have built up a healthy following (864 at last count). Oh I know that that doesn’t represent a real following but it’s a nice achievement anyway.

Initially, I focused on my daily life, my thoughts, my career and my loves but then Facebook came along and changed everything.

So I focused on Travel – I’ve travelled a lot – and writing – I used to write most days – and participated in many writing challenges, concentrating mainly on Flash Fiction.

I showcased my travel photos and portaits and honed my editing skills in doing so.

Lately I’ve gone back to art and watercolour and acrylic painting and nowadays I paint most days.

I must admit however that I’ve lost the will to maintain a blog and could content myself with showing off my paintings in Facebook and/or Instagram.

The last time I thought of quitting was almost two years ago and after a lot of thought I renewed my WordPress account for a further two years and have maintained my personal URL over this time.

The time to renew is now just around the corner and I’ve lost the enthusiasm to continue.

It is still several months away but it feels just around the corner and rather than wait passively for the expiration I’ve decided to call it a day and retire my blog.

I don’t think I’ll be adding anything else but I won’t be deleting the content and closing shop before the expiry date.

I thought it fair to warn you in case you become worried why I’m not posting.

I’ve enjoyed your comments over the past months and years and I’ll miss our conversations. I’ll endeavor to drop by your blogs and say hello from time to time.

If you wish to stay in touch you can find me on Facebook and Instagram where I’ll be assuring a presence and if you leave a comment here, I’ll be sure to read it with pleasure while my presence continues.

Take care and enjoy life!



  1. Such a pity, my friend. Blogging, however short you may write, or however short time you may spend on it, can still help you in so many ways. Aside from the social benefits, i noticed that it has allowed me to maintain my writing and articulating skills as well. Whatever you decide on, i wish you good luck, and do take care.

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  2. Graham, it has been lovely reading of your adventures, sharing your photographs and lovely artwork, and generally being a very small part of your blogging life. I wish you and your family the best of health and good luck in the future.

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    1. Thanks Dawn. I don’t like the Block Editor but can’t say it’s the main reason. It’s become a chore more than a pleasure to post regularly and I don’t feel I have something really interesting to post on a regular basis. Thanks for your best wishes. Take care and enjoy life.

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