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  1. I really enjoyed reading about you, Graham. You’ve certainly moved about a great deal. I’ve only visited the Grimsby area a couple of time, both times to visit the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre. You’ve also done a lot with your career, particularly all the study you’ve done since qualifying as a nurse. I think you’re well deserving of a peaceful retirement now, with time to pursue other interests. I wish you and your wife all the best in that. I’ll look forward to reading more of your stories. Millie.

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  2. Hi Graham,
    I was just about to nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award, when I noticed the comment above. I’m not sure whether that’s a reply to a previous comment of mine or to the pingback I sent.( I’ve not seen a reply in my Reader.) Anyway here’s the link to my post for the rules:
    I’d love you to accept, but if you can’t, no worries…Millie.

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      1. We should get together and write an article about the woes of ‘sporadic Internet connection’. Louise and I are both plagued by it! Hope yours is working OK by now. (I’m late responding to comments because I’m in Malta this week.) Thank you for accepting the award! I’m very happy that you did. 🙂

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      2. Yes we’ll chat later. We are heading into Newfoundland the day after tomorrow. I’m only able to connect for 10-15mins a day. 😦


  3. Wow Graham. You have had so many different and interesting careers. It’s great you’ve been able to do all these different jobs and be so successful at them. Truly an impressive bio. The 76 day cruise sounds awesome too, but I can see how you might be sick of living on a ship after three and a half months, even though you were able to see many neat places. Wishing you success in all your plans in retirement and your continued travels 🙂

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  4. Hi Graham,
    Realised I haven’t seen you around for ages, wondered if you are okay.
    I notice you had ill health then a break, I hope you are fully recovered now.
    I also notice that you were in Geneva when I worked in Ferney-Voltaire and lived in Echenevex, Pays de Gex.
    Feel free to contact me at:

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  5. I’m the only semi-retiree in our house. Hubby is still working. But we do hope to travel more.
    Though sometimes I do get to travel with him. More in the states than out of the country.
    Though I’ve been to Italy, Mexico, some Caribbean Islands and Aruba. 🙂

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