Sunday Photo Fiction – September 15, 2019

Photo from Pixabay

Looking at the sheer randomness of the chairs, you might be thinking that a hurricane, or at least gale force winds, had passed nearby, whipping the chairs into this seemingly random arrangement.

In reality BA/b had passed the better part of a week painstakingly placing the chairs in this, his most well known installation.

BA/b, formerly known as Robert Campbell, born in 1947, was a steelworker, made redundant in the early seventies.

Availing himself of his newly found leisure time, he initially sculpted intricate, miniature metal sculptures, before turning to metal installations around the cusp of the 21st century.

It was unfortunate that this installation was to be his last as he suffered a fatal accident slipping from the top of the structure as he was carefully placing the last few pieces.

The installation, posthumously entitled “Nowhere to Sit”, was bequeathed to the local council.

If you have any works of BA/b you would be well advised to hold onto them, and revise your insurance.

They have become very collectable. (174 words)

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I didn’t write much during my cruise around the Bristish Isles but I’m, back for this Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge!

Photo du Jour #4

Today’s photo du jour was taken in Belfast City Hall where several stained glass windows were commisioned.

This is a detail. I find it interesting because of what you can see through it.

iPhone XS Max, ISO 80, 4.25 mm, f /1.8, 1/120sec

Adventures in Lightroom #5

I’ll be posting photos from our visit to RHS Wisley Gardens over the next few days while my wife and I are on vacation.

This first one is of a sculpture that has been embellished in lightroom to add drama to the sky and increase contrast.

I’ve tried to find more about the sculpture itself but I’ll have to explore some more. If you have any ideas please add to the comments.