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I hit a milestone this morning. My little blog hit 500 Followers. That’s incredible, and a bit mind blowing to be honest.

I am so grateful to all you lovely people for reading my flash fiction and looking at my photos.

I read every comment and appreciate every like and both your comments and your critiques are always motivating.

A special shout out to all my weekly flash fiction challenges. Friday Fictioneers, Sunday Photo Fiction, What Pegman Saw, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. I really enjoyed The Literary Lion which weighed in at 500 words but alas it is no longer on the agenda.

I really enjoyed The Literary Lion which weighed in at 500 words but alas it is no longer on the agenda.

My thanks also to the two Photo Challenges I regularly participate in, The Daily Post Photo Challenge and of course the  One Word Photo Challenge.

I must also mention the wonderful 500 word for 30 days challenge where I wrote a lot more than 500 words a day and over 15K words that month. It was a blast and made me realise what I was really capable of.

I have two short stories in preparation and a book in the making. I’m transitioning from being a writer to becoming an author which is an exciting prospect indeed.

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This is also a double milestone because this post is also my 500th post on the blog. One post then for each follower.

Thanks again guys!


Six Word Challenges

I recently made an addition to my weekly challenges. A weekly six word challenge organised over at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Challenge.

A few weeks ago I was surprised to have won a second place and I proudly displayed my second place badge.

Well this week I am absolutely gobsmacked to have won first place!


I often find myself creating six word stories from much longer fiction and it’s a great exercise in brevity with substance.

If you are not doing this challenge (or any other 6 word challenge, because there are many to be found) I would really recommend you to start now.

Why not click on the link above to make your entry. You just need to enter it into the comments and all the other entrants and visitors can like it therefore voting. The only condition is only those who have voted can win. Congratulations to Little Voice and WhatSandraThinks and all the other entrants. I’m sure I’ll ‘see’ you next week!

First place this week goes to GrahamLawrence with his story ‘Diagnosis. Surgery. Painful treatment. Cancer free!’. A very fitting winner after World Cancer day.

Second place goes to Little Voice with her story She was last, but she finished.

Third place goes to WhatSandraThinks with her story Jeans from my teens fit me!

And in second place is … me!

So surprised and happy to have earned a second place in the excellent Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge!

It’s surprisingly challenging to condense a story into 6 words. This weeks word prompt was Amusement.


First place goes to angietrafford with her story ‘Watching Dad dancing brought forth laughter.’

Second place goes to Graham Lawrence with the story ‘Pirouettes and giggles. Our toddler’s delight.’

Third place goes to Katiecomeback with the story ‘Boys. They were all her playthings.’

Congratulations to Angie, Katie and all the other wonderful entries!

Weight(less) : Daily Post Photo Challenge

For this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge I’ve decided to portray my 2015 tandem jump which demonstrates that if you jump from a plane you’ll fall quite rapidly until the main parachute opens and then safely land a few minutes later (parachute permitting!)

It was a fabulous and unforgettable experience and I’m really happy to have accomplished it!