Foodie Photos

I enjoy taking photos of the food we prepare and eat or of food we order in the restaurant. I’ve decided to take my food photography to another level so I’ve been paying closer attention to other peoples photos of food and learning about equipment and techniques. YouTube is a particularly interesting vector for learning. … Continue reading Foodie Photos

Our new car

We changed cars a week ago for a new model of the same car we’ve had for four years. We’re really happy! When we went to take it this morning I noticed pearls of morning dew on the bonnet and took a photo with my phone. The new car is a rather fetching dark grey … Continue reading Our new car


  We have a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers that come to feed at our Bird Feeding Station in the garden. We call them Woody and Woodette although we’re not quite sure which is which. It’s always joyfull to have them visit us. It’s fascinating because some Robins usually visit at the same time but … Continue reading Woody