Spices : FFfAW



Rebecca took a sharp kitchen knife and butterflied the chicken breast before seasoning it with rock salt and fresh ground pepper.

She wiped the blade of the knife and put it aside for later.

After surveying the contents of the food rack she took some chickpeas and chopped tomatoes for a salsa and poured them into a casserole.

Adding a dash of olive oil to the frying pan she started to pan fry the chicken, glancing at the kitchen clock.

He’d  be home shortly.

She took the heavy rolling pin from the cupboard and placed it on the table beside her.

It was time to decide.

Would she lay in wait for the lying bastard and slit his throat as he entered, or bash him on the head with the rolling pin.

No, she needed to watch the cheating son of a bitch suffer.

She slipped the poison into the salsa and gave it a good stir.

“Had a good day darling?” she said as he opened the door.

Yay! Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is back. I hope that Priceless Joy had a lovely visit to her family in Arizona.

Crop : OWPC

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is Crop. I chose the unharvested version of crop but there are many ways to interpret the prompt and I’m looking forward to discovering the other entries!

I can’t thank Jennifer Nichole Wells enough for organising this wonderful photo challenge. The fact that she publishes the agenda so we can prepare both photos and posts is really comforting. Thanks Jennifer!


Anniversary Dinner

No challenge today, just a celebration. Tomorrow it will be our 35 year Wedding Anniversary and as our favourite restaurant is closed on a Sunday we booked a table today and celebrated a day earlier. These photos were snapped with my iPhone while enjoying the Winteringham Fields Tasting Menu. As usual we were enchanted. Such lovely inventive and exciting food from chef Colin McGurran.


Cake or fresh fruit?

When I was a kid and up to the end of my teens I ate what I liked and never had to worry about my weight. I never thought about it, worried about it or had to make decisions concerning what I ate.

As a teenager, growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, I ate what I could as money was scarcer than calories and healthy choices were not the buzz words that they are today.

In my early twenties and over the course of a few months, I fell ill with constant abdominal pain and was admitted to hospital where I started to lose weight as I couldn’t keep anything down and the use of painkillers killed any appetite I might have had.

After 5 weeks I had lost more than 20 kilos and when I was finally taken to the Operating Theatre I was just a shadow of my former self.

The surgeons were pleased with their work and proudly showed me what they had removed in a glass bottle. I was just happy to be pain free at last and looked forward, at last, to the rest of my life.

I have, rightly or wrongly, pinpointed this incident to the commencement of my problems with body weight, as since then, not only did I regain all the weight I had lost, but also I went the other way and became chronically overweight.

I’ve spent the last 40 odd years struggling to establish a stable, acceptable – to me, body weight.

At this moment I’m once again overweight. This time last year I managed, after a years effort, to drop down to a healthy BMI and went from XL to Medium.

Now I should try to take it off, again, but I can’t seem to find the motivation or the energy to embark, once again, on the weight loss quest.

It’s a constant preoccupation and a source of stress and worry.

It’s not going to go away though is it.