Twittering Tales #144

There were savoury biscuits, fresh crusty bread and smelly cheeses but in reality it was always about the wine. Martine always wanted vintage red. As long as she was happy to provide it, we didn’t really care. We were selfish bitches and we had never really warmed to her anyway. (276 chars) My feature photo … Continue reading Twittering Tales #144

Photo Souvenir #3

The Big Biscuit! When we were in Alaska we boarded a train from Skagway and made our way to the Yukon Suspension Bridge. At the inevitable souvenir shop and cafĂ© we bought ‘The Big Biscuit”. It was delicious (and we had a Yukon Suspension Stamp in our passports!) Canon EOS 600D, EF-S18-200mm ISO 100, 18mm, … Continue reading Photo Souvenir #3

Cheese Scones

Anne-Claude baked some scones this morning so I thought it would be a good occasion to test my skills as a budding Food Photographer. I’ve tried to incorporate food styling, lighting and general tips I’ve picked up on YouTube. I have an advantage over you in that I have that fresh baked slightly cheesy smell … Continue reading Cheese Scones