Photo Souvenir #3

The Big Biscuit! When we were in Alaska we boarded a train from Skagway and made our way to the Yukon Suspension Bridge. At the inevitable souvenir shop and café we bought ‘The Big Biscuit”. It was delicious (and we had a Yukon Suspension Stamp in our passports!) Canon EOS 600D, EF-S18-200mm ISO 100, 18mm, … Continue reading Photo Souvenir #3

Cheese Scones

Anne-Claude baked some scones this morning so I thought it would be a good occasion to test my skills as a budding Food Photographer. I’ve tried to incorporate food styling, lighting and general tips I’ve picked up on YouTube. I have an advantage over you in that I have that fresh baked slightly cheesy smell … Continue reading Cheese Scones