The Queen Mary 2 docks in Perth W. Australia

Arriving one day earlier than planned, due to a problem with one of the engines, we docked in the cruise port of Freemantle, Western Australia just outside of Perth.

It was an overnight stay which gave us two full days to explore and we were delighted as we have good friends in Perth who picked me up as unfortunately my wife was feeling unwell on the first day in port.

We headed for Perth and a visit to the famous Kings Park. Then had a delicious meal at a local restaurant followed by a visit to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

It was so nice to meet friends and relax together.

Luckily, we were able to visit Perth again a few years later so my wife was able to visit Kings Park and we returned to the same restaurant. Another fabulous day. It’s a shame our friends are so far away.

My featured photo is of a Kookaburra Bird at Caversham Wildlife Park that my wife and I visited on the second day as part of an excursion.

Here are a few highlights of our overnight stay.

Just desserts

Following on from yesterdays post I deleted rather than deactivated my Twitter account and as an experiment I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. It was easier to do that than to delete all those ‘friends’ I’ve accumulated over the years that never contribute.

It feels a little strange to be honest.

I did it abruptly without a warning post or a long speech.

Nobody has noticed yet. It will be interesting to see if I get any feedback or if it just goes unnoticed.

I equally deleted my Pinterest account while I was at it.

My feature photo is a sample of the desserts we were invited to eat every day. Photo taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The 28 : Day 28 – Light in the Shadows

Light in the Shadows 9

The canvas caught the early morning rays – adagio sostenuto.

His eyes pierced through the shadows and into the light – adagio un poco mosso.

Then the light shone as warm tears flowed – andante moderato.

His soul exploded, manifesting all those joyful colours – Allegro Ma Non Troppo.

(280 characters)

— 000 —

Tamsin Haggis has been a constant inspiration since we’ve met so I thought it fitting to use one of her latest paintings to write the last story in this 28 day marathon.

Thanks Tamsin!

You can see (much) more of Tamsin’s Art by following the links.

Background :

This very short tale was born from the painting and while I was enjoying it I was adding a ‘soundtrack’ of sorts that went well looking at and contemplating her art. My choice is reflected in the tempos of each ‘mouvement’.

Here is the music listing :

  • Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 Op. 18 2nd movement Adagio sostenuto
  • Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5 E flat major Op. 73 “Emperor” second movement Adagio un poco mosso
  • Fauré Requiem in D Minor Op. 48 In Paradisum Andante moderato
  • Beethoven Symphony No.6 Op.68 “Pastoral” 1st Movement Allegro Ma Non Troppo

The 28 : Day 27 – Frites

(c) Stephanie Booth @


OMG these Frites are scrumptious. I don’t know if they are better with or without ketchup.

I ate one at a time, two at a time or even in small fistfuls.

So yummy!

Almost gone.

The line was long but I had to have more.


Just to gaze into his deep blue eyes and hope he’d smile.

(279 characters)

— 000 —

This penultimate 280 character flash fiction was inspired by this lovely image found with permission, in Stephanie’s FB profile.

Thanks Stephanie!

I struggled with the feature photo today. Ideally I would have liked a street market food stall but I like to feature my own photos rather than take a stock image somewhere. I hope you’ll admire the smile and the eyes of the subject of a street portrait that I took while in Greece.

The 28 : Day 25 – Perspective


(c) Stephanie Booth @

It seemed a perfect day.

Not a cloud in a deep blue sky.

Pretty yachts on calm water.

But the photographer was frustrated waiting for the water to provide the mirrored surface he desired and the regatta couldn’t commence without wind for the sails.

It’s all a question of perspective.

(280 chars)

— 000 —

Stephanie was kind enough to let me use one of her Facebook photos as inspiration for today’s Tweet-sized flash fiction story. I think it was taken on Lac Leman in Switzerland.

Stephanie has been a source of inspiration to me ever since I started blogging a long, long time ago. She is probably the main reason I’m still bogging today.

This is day 25, only three more days until this challenge has been met.

It’s been fun.

The 28 : Day 23 – Precious grains

Precious grains

From the private collection of Cyndi Komula

The children took small samples of sand from the beach.

They returned to the classroom with the beach in their shoes and between their little fingers.

They made a mini beach.

Bored, they yawned.

But later, when they saw the grains under the microscope they oohed and aahed.


(277 characters)

— 000 —

Here we are on day 23 of my 28 day challenge!

Todays illustration was raided, with permission, from Cyndi’s Facebook profile. Thanks Cyndi for your support and participation.

My own feature photo was taken on Cleethorpes Beach in Lincolnshire.

The 28 : Day 15 – Letting go

She felt an oppressive tightness.

Closing her eyes she took a long deep breath, savouring the cool air caressing her nostrils.

She held it in lovingly, before slowly exhaling the now warm breath.

All that tension slowly dissipated.

Relaxed with eyes half closed, her smile blossomed.

(279 chars)

— 000 —

Meet Cyndi. A wonderfully kind soul. I’m lucky to be a FB friend.

I’m so happy that she appreciates my writing, even sharing it sometimes on her wall. In a recent discussion she invited me to take a photo from her albums to use as a photo prompt.

I fell upon this one, my feature photo today, so with her permission I’ve used it as an inspiration for my tweet-sized story today.

The 28 – Day 2

(c) Peter at Peter’s Pondering

Teddy revolution

Every Xmas I’d get a new Teddy.

Each night they comforted me as darkness fell.

Then came college, beers and girls.

My Teddies went from my arms to the depths of my dusty cupboard.

But not forgotten.

Before leaving home I’ll just wash and spruce them up.

New love.

The twins are due soon. (280 chars)

— 000 —

Today’s photo was provided by Peter at Peter’s Pondering.

Thanks Peter for a great photo. I always enjoy your stories.

My feature photo was taken at a stall in the streets of Mumbai.