Cruising – Disembarkation

We disembarked this morning in Southampton and drove back home.

We’re tired but very content with our 12 night cruise around the UK. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos over the past few days.

My featured photo today is from the Atrium of the Piazza on the Crown Princess.

We had a great cruise. Lots of smiles and laughs where we met many interesting passengers and amiable crew members.

We even had good weather in all and a glorious day in one of my favourite cities – Edinburgh!

Photo Souvenir #16

A recent visit to my blog from a new friend Arv! in Jaipur has cheekily prompted me to post a Photo Souvenir of the Pink Palace.

You can check out his blog here Jaipurthrumylens.

Here it is, up close and personal on a wonderful sunny day. We were quite surprised that it is so close to a busy street which makes photographing the whole building difficult without including the traffic.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus, ISO 25, 4.15mm f /22 1/2400sec

Photo taken April 1, 2017 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Twittering Tales #144

Photo by Lisa Fotios @

There were savoury biscuits, fresh crusty bread and smelly cheeses but in reality it was always about the wine.
Martine always wanted vintage red.
As long as she was happy to provide it, we didn’t really care.
We were selfish bitches and we had never really warmed to her anyway.

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My feature photo was taken in the Ice Bar in Finnmark, Norway.

This is another Twittering Tale, a fascinating writing challenge to create a tweet sized microfiction based on a photo. The challenge is hosted by Kat Myrman. Thanks Kat!

A day out in Clumber park

We met some good friends today at Clumber Park and had a nice walk along the lake.

It wasn’t as warm as we would have liked it to be, but the sun shone most of the time, and as long as we kept moving, we were fine.

One of the hardest things to do was to coordinate the meeting as there is an almost total lack of network signal.

As we were coming from Eckington, and they were driving up from Nottingham, we all arrived at different times and tried desperately to message each other from the car park until we finally managed to hook up near the restaurant.

I spied some kid’s sandwiches, so asked for some adult ones, only to be told that they wouldn’t be serving them before midday. It was only 11:34 am. It seems to be a recurrent feature of my visits to public gardens and last time I lost my cool somewhat. Today I took it in my stride and just ordered a few bacon butties.

I feel completely guiltless, I had no choice!

We are so lucky to have such good friends and we really enjoy their company. It’s a pity they live over an hours drive from us, but we’ll surely see them soon for more adventures.

Looking forward to that!

The suspense is over

I’ve made my decision and I’m here to stay: for the foreseeable ¬†future anyway.

I’ll have to post some interesting content of course and that is another challenge.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed templates and I will be doing so again I’m afraid. I realized that just showing photos was only interesting for a time and that more varied content would be better. I find the current template better but the left margin takes up too much space. I’m off to research a better one.

I do intend to write more. It was fun writing microfiction and flash ficition and I’ll be attempting to write regularly over the coming months.

I think I’m a good listener and I love listening to what people have to say rather than express my opinions.

Ideally I would love my readers to ask me questions that I hope I would struggle to reply to but having that kind of interactions seems to be rarity.

I’ve had more friends ask me to continue blogging on Twitter and Facebook and in real life than comments made on this blog which is a shame. It’s really hard to build a community.

My aim is to enjoy what I post more than anything else.

I’ve illustrated this post with a detail from a silk embroidery in Nha Trang, Vietnam.